The mission

Contrary to popular belief, takeaway coffee cups and straws are rarely recycled and even some of the paper ones are lined with plastic which cannot degrade. For plastic bags and bottles, recycling statistics are very low too!

If we do nothing, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050! That’s why we decided to take action and create a community of cafes and individuals that wish to contribute to reduce environmental pollution. Cafe owners and customers are encouraged to take action, and with our full support reduce the huge numbers of single-use plastic cups and straws thrown out daily, by promoting the habit of reuse to their customers. We also guide them towards solutions to replace plastic bags and bottles if they use them.

These businesses, will become pioneers not only in their neighborhood but all over the country and will inspire a more sustainable lifestyle that respects the environment and our well-being. We also have a personal pledge to involve the customers in this mission!


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