Shocked by plastic pollution in this beautiful country and inspired by many other campaigns we decided to start the Plastic Free Drinks campaign. Our goal is to help reduce single-use plastic in our communities. Working together with cafes, restaurants and hotels we help them find alternatives to plastic, as well as promoting "reuse" habits to customers!

Who’s is involved?

Sustainable Paros

Co-founder. Started the Sustainable Living Paros group to create an active community, where everybody can share different ways of reducing our impact on the environment on the island of Paros. Stella


Co-founders. Daphne and Francisco created their “Precious Plastic” (Plastikourgeio shop & lab). They made machines to recycle plastic and make new objects with it. They are running the campaign in Athens.


Granota Créa

They made the posters!  Thomas & Rachel are two lovers, lovers of art, lovers of creating! What touches them, is beautiful projects filled with kindness towards our house the planet Earth. See their work!

Refill Greece

We collaborate with Refill Greece in Paros. It's a campaign to help reduce plastic bottle use by creating a network of businesses that offer #freetapwater. Niki Helios has also created the Zero Waste Greece group and page. And a blog!

With a lot of help from

Ioanna Xenaki, who translated the website in Greek, She is also working bringing awareness about plastic pollution by screening "A plastic ocean" in her school" in collaboration with Plastic Free Greece. Margarita Panoriou She’s my fantastic Greek teacher! She also helped with the translation! Duncan Edwards, WordPress developer at Lazy Cat Themes, Yann Molina and Nicolas from Parosweb helped also with the website! Thomas, Mushy and Aude Joly helped with the poster! Marc Pedrol advised on social media. Thanks to Thomas Holmes for being the top sponsor of all this! Thanks a lot to all of you!

Thanks your inspiration means a lot!

Lindsay from Treading my Own Path and Plastic Free July for being so generous with her time and her advice. Also for your support and advice, Stavroula Kordella and Stellina Koulouzaki from Life de Bag.  For your support, Plastic Free Greece. Also, Plastic Pollution Coalition / The last plastic straw / Responsible cafes / Strawless ocean #stopsucking / Surfers against sewage / Straw warsSurfrider Foundation


This is how each of us can make a difference! Let's make the planet plastic free again!