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8/10 consumers are concerned about plastic pollution. Help them reduce their plastic footprint! As an owner/manager you will officially participate in the Plastic Free Drinks campaign, thus contributing to the effort to reduce plastic waste in your neighbourhood. We will promote you as a green leader! Your business will be a member of a global movement that aims to reduce, reuse and recycle, and will appear on social media as a pioneer in Greece!

Sign the pledge here by filling the form or if you prefer invite me for a coffee at your cafe and I will come and tell you everything in person! See my mail and telephone number below.

You can also stop giving plastic bags with “take aways” and stop using and selling plastic bottles for water, let us know if you are ready to do so too, we will specify it next to your cafe’s listing!

By filling this form, I pledge to promote the reduction in the consumption of disposable plastic straws and cups:

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Don't hesitate to contact us for help and support at: or +306987932732